Cheap Ugg Boots UK For Sale

   I have just received my cheap ugg boots uk in Apricot, which is a lovely boots but the colour is not at all like it is shown on your website and therefore I am very disappointed as it is alot darker than shown. What is your procedure on exchanging, if I wanted to swap it for a different colour.

   Thanks for your message. Unfortunately the EMS website gives no indication as to when the cheap ugg boots uk will arrive, although it appears to suggest that it is coming from Shanghai (which would mean: no time soon). You website says normal delivery is 4 to 7 working days, 7 days is today. When is my cheap uggs uk going to arrive?

    Thank you for this update. However there are couple of big questions remaining: 1. When is "soon"? 2. Will Customs require payment of duty (holding up delivery still further)? This isn't 4-7 working days advertised on your website; if this is typical then wouldn't this be a Trading Standards issue? The tracking has not changed and I have not received a ugg boots uk. I am beginning to suspect that this is some kind of online scam and so I am going to contact the Trading Standards Office to report false or misleading trading. I am a Lawyer by profession. Your website says 4-7 working days and it has been much longer than this.